Dana et la place des femmes.

« There are many women in my profession, yes. We have a strong voice. I think many of the same issues and prejudices that exist in other professions exist in the world of contemporary performance making, of course. I’m still mulling over this one, but it does somehow seem that there are a lot more men finding greater “success” (I put this in quotation marks, because there is much to be said about this notion of “success” which I won’t launch into here) as choreographers than women.

I can’t speak for all women, but I can say that the biggest challenge or rather question for me is the topic of child-bearing vs. pushing hard for creative and professional growth. I’d like it to not be a “versus” situation, but it definitely feels this way. I keep putting it off because, well, it seems at times that I can barely afford to feed, clothe and take care of myself, much less a little person. But I definitely want a little person in my life and so hopefully biology will agree with me when my husband/fellow artist and I stop shaking in our boots over this topic.

In general, finding a balance between making time for loved ones with the heavy administrative, creative, travel, physical and emotional demands of the life of a choreographer/performer is pretty goddamn tricky. I often feel as though I’m drowning in guilt. But I’m learning to go easier on myself. Going easier on myself actually frees up some time to connect with said loved ones. »


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