Mandi, la solitude, la nature et les animaux

À la question « Quels sont vos mentors? » Mandi A. Morgan a répondu:

« Solitude, nature, animals. »

« I don’t think I will learn anything as profound as the feeling I have when I am alone in nature. It is necessary to withdraw from people sometimes. In nature I am free to feel — uninterrupted and privately. Nature is a great teacher.

I listen to nature and cannot refute some of the most sublime experiences I’ve encountered in nature. One day I had a pen and paper and I asked my grandmother what to draw. She told me to draw an owl. I found an animal book and drew my version of a grey spotted owl. I never knew I could draw because my owl was my first drawing. I couldn’t believe what was happening as I gave this creature a soul. I’ve never seen an owl in the wild. The next day I took my bicycle to Beaver Lake in Stanley Park in Vancouver and came face to face with a spotted owl. We stared at each other a foot away from each other for a good ten minutes, and then it flew away. I knew I had to continue drawing. You can’t ignore these sorts of things.

I rarely dream of people. I am always spending time with animals in my dreams. Mostly, foxes, wolves, whales, bears, owls and horses. They teach me lessons. A white horse has been with me since childhood. For years I chased this horse, through my schoolyard, down streets, in the dark, through floods, in the woods. I loved this horse very much, and I wanted it to love me too but it always ran away from me. For years, I tried to win the love of this horse. When it came for a visit one time, I kept my distance and left it alone. It eventually came to me and put its head on my chest. This taught me a great lesson. The white horse still comes to visit. It is an old horse now. We love each other very much.

So ya. Nature, animals and solitude.”

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