Mandi a 35 ans. Elle est réalisatrice, illustratrice et elle anime des ateliers à l’Office national du film.

Mandi détient plusieurs diplômes, dont un bac en littérature, une mineure en études filmiques et un second bac en production filmique. Elle est aussi récipiendaire du Bruce Mallen Award 2010 for Cinema Entrepreneurship pour son film Parade.

Elle est membre du collectif Groop Index et a participé à la création de l’événement
The Home Show.

« Each member was delegated a room in an abandoned apartment building to showcase our latest work. Our disciplines include, film and video installation, film, illustration, animation and sound installation. It was a great success. »

Elle assiste présentement le réalisateur Martin Duckworth et l’auteur David Fennario sur le projet Mother House, travaille à l’écriture de son prochain court métrage d’animation et dessine.

« I see myself moving from one discipline to the next as I see fit. I love animation, music, film, writing and illustrating. Sometimes I get frustrated and wish I could pick only one, but I can’t. I see myself always creating — always involved in a project or two or three… I have made a pact with myself to remain loyal. To stay committed and honest to my craft wherever it may lead me. And to always have enough courage to provide myself with the permission to do so. »

« I approach illustration intuitively and impulsively. The meaning of things come after. I never plan what I will draw and that is what makes it so much fun. I sometimes don’t understand what comes out of me, and sometimes only years later do I understand. It is interesting to discover that no matter how lost I feel sometimes, there is a latent truth that resides beneath all the complex blah blahs. I think this is in everybody. Truth comes to us in fragments, we lie to fill in the gaps.

I approach film similarly, and am learning that this is not such a good idea. Filmmaking requires a precise skeleton of an idea—all bones intact. The flesh can be built with intuition and nuance once the foundation is put in place. I made all of my school films at the last minute because I was scared shitless. I was scared I would fail, so I kind of set myself up to fail just in case. I never failed and always felt rewarded at the end, but I know I could of done a heck of a lot better if I tried my best.

It is only recently that I found my voice and am genuinely ready not to be scared anymore. I am really excited. Fail or not. »

“My goals as an artist are to share with people, to explore light, to be honest and to work until I fall apart. When we bow to the expectation of success, we fall into the confines of ‘existing’ as opposed to ‘living’. I don’t know. Is this ambition? Creating is a question of symbiosis — as necessary and humble as breath. »

INFLUENCES: « MUSIC ! Aubrey Beardsley, Hieronymous Bosch, Gustav Klimt, Yuri Norstein, Bela Tarr, Andrei Tarkovsky, Carl Dreyer, Diane Arbus. »

LIEN WEB:, sur Vimeo et sur Facebook.

* Maquillage et coiffure par Catherine Lemay

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